Science Battle

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The Science Battle is a marvellous show in which PhDs compete. This contest, filled with talented and innovating people, was the inspiration for these shoes. A unique print with a host of formulas, which the brightest minds are more than capable of dealing with. Don't hide your IQ, let your love of science flourish! As usual at Mascolori, these shoes were designed in Rotterdam and hand manufactured in limited numbers in Portugal

  • Outer shoe: patent leather
  • Inner shoe: leather
  • Insole: leather
  • Sole: rubber
  • Shoewidth: G/H (Average)

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The upper of these Mascoloris consist of patent leather. We advise you to use Walter’s Spray & Shine. This water-resisting spray helps you to clean and protect your favourite shoes and to keep them in shape. This product is usable for all synthetic materials which are not absorbing except textiles and fabrics. Spray & Shine is easy to use because you just need a piece of cloth to adjust it before you hit the streets.