On second thought

Does your new belt or shoe not seem to fit, have you changed your mind or do you want a different model? No worries! Returns and exchanges with us are easy.

Send the item with a completed return form that contains the action you would like us to do together in the provided returns bag or a study box to the address below. We will try to process your order as quickly as possible. You can download our return-form here.

Please note! You need to do this within 30 days of purchase and you are responsible for the costs of sending. When sending our items we take the time to ensure that they are safe from damage. However, if you receive your Mascoloris and they are damaged, we will cover the costs of shipping. The compensation for these costs will be refunded within 7 days.

Criticism is not always fun to give but it does help us to improve our brand. Therefore, please give us the reason for your return. If you find your purchase to be disappointing, tell us this and if you have any suggestions to improve – let us know.

Return address:
Nieuw Binnenweg 116
3015 BE Rotterdam
the Netherlands